We hope you find this page of resources useful. Our aim is to educate each other in best practice in all areas of production within the true crime genre.

An independent charity dedicated to supporting anyone affected by crime across England and Wales.  They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering free, confidential advice. 

Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK. A government-backed organisation, it provides rules and regulations for the media industry to follow along with guidance and support.

A UK charity established to help and support people working behind the camera in film and TV. From confidential advice about your role to bullying or harassment, the charity is a remote service for anyone in the industry.

Specifically, their resource centre is very helpful.

Screenskills is an industry training body that provides a wealth of training and facilities for people working in the media. Some are free.

Courses like this may be of use: True crime refresher: legal and compliance considerations and Duty of Care Essentials.

The Survivor Trust is a broad organisation that supports agencies offering help and support for people affected by sexual abuse.

Clare’s Law is a police policy that gives people the right to know if their partner or ex-partner has a history of abuse or violence.

The Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television, this trade association has a wealth of resources to tap into along with lobbying the Government on important issues such as diversity, intellectual property and producers’ rights in the industry.